Donate a bike and make it a vehicle for change

Donated bicycles form the foundation of the Community Cycling Center. Our professional mechanics and skilled volunteers refurbish the bicycles and direct them to our bike safety programs for low-income youth or to our bike shop. Bike shop proceeds benefit our programs.
Bike Collection

We believe that the bicycle is a tool for empowerment and a vehicle for change. That’s why we work to broaden access to bicycling and all of its benefits. When people ride bicycles, they become healthier as does our community. When you donate a bike you help make our community healthier.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

What Kinds of Bikes Do You Need?

We love all bicycles, but we need bikes in good condition. Brands such as Bianchi, Diamond Back, Fuji, Giant, Nishiki, Raleigh, Specialized, and Trek make great, reliable rides.

We also operate a full-service bike shop where we sell road bikes, cruisers, and mountain bikes. Proceeds from the shop support our programs.

How Many Bikes Do you Need?

We need to collect 3,000 bicycles this year!

We suggest a $5 processing donation for each bike that you drop off to offset the cost of evaluating and refurbishing these bikes to like-new condition.

How Do I Donate a Bike?

You can donate a bike at our bike shop during business hours or at one of our Bike Collections around the Portland metro area.

Please note: We will no longer accept car racks, strollers, stationary bicycles or trainers, scooters, anything motorized, or clothing. We will still accept donations of cycling shoes. If you have something that you’d like to donate but aren’t sure if we accept it, please give us a call at the shop: 503.287.8786.

What Happens To My Bike?

We carefully evaluate every bike that is donated. Each bike is directed to where it is needed most, depending on program needs and the bike’s general condition.

Bikes in good condition are cleaned by volunteers and refurbished by our professional mechanics.

Bikes in poor condition are dismantled; usable parts are salvaged. Unusable bikes and parts are recycled.

Why a Processing Donation?

We have learned that recycling bikes is a lot of work! It also costs a lot of money. While we do recoup some of the cost by selling scrap metal, it doesn’t cover all the staff time, storage, and transportation costs. We gladly accept donations to help cover the cost of carefully processing each bike. We suggest $5, which (nearly) covers the cost of evaluating each bike.