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Over 20 years ago, the Community Cycling Center became a nonprofit organization dedicated to broadening access to bicycling and its benefits. The wheels of this idea keep on turning.

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Shop tip: types of brakes and levers

May 21st, 2015

 By Gwen Koon, Service Supervisor Introduction This next series of shop tips over the next several months will be all about creating a basis for more in-depth knowledge.  Whether you’re working on a bike you already own or preparing to buy a new one, it’s very helpful to be familiar with all the different types of components.  […]

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60 spots left in Bike Camp! Give your child a summer adventure

May 7th, 2015

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Bike Camp is just around the corner. For those of you still looking for fun summer adventures for your kids, we still have 60 spots remaining in our Bike Camps this summer. Bike Camp teaches safety, group riding technique, right of way, and basic, hands-on maintenance skills. Yet […]

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Spend time with friends and family at Cycle Oregon’s Weekend Ride

April 21st, 2015

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Are you looking for bike events to do this summer? There is no better place to celebrate the joy of bicycling and practice your bicycle touring skills than on Cycle Oregon’s Weekend Ride. The event will be held at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, where you can experience […]

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Product Review: Park CM 5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrubber

April 13th, 2015

By David Kurishima, Retail Manager A year ago I would have rolled my eyes at the thought of writing a review about a chain cleaner. For years I always thought of these grimy plastic “tools” lying around our shop as nothing but a gimmicky toy akin to a Hot Wheels carwash play set, and I […]

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