I ride campaign

 I ride bench

 ”I ride to the grocery store.”
I ride because I don’t have a car.”
I ride to get to work.”
I ride for my health!”

About the “I ride” campaign

To broaden access to bicycling and its benefits, change must be initiated on multiple levels. Through campaigns like “I ride”, the Community Cycling Center is working to raise awareness and to affect individual behavior choices. Health behavior research shows that the more people see individuals like themselves engaging in healthy activities, the more likely they are to try and adopt those behaviors

Michelle and DominicIn 2011, we displayed our I ride campaign on 15 bus benches in North and Northeast Portland from May through November. Over 5,000 individuals were exposed to the campaign, which features images of our program participants from New Columbia and Hacienda CDC and is a celebration of the variety of  reasons why people choose to ride bicycles. The I ride images, coupled with programs to help people access bicycling, have helped to change perceptions about bicycling and increase ridership within underrepresented communities. The champions that have emerged through these programs have become the most powerful spokespeople and advocates for bicycling who help to inspire other people to ride in their neighborhood everyday.

We have collected portraits for past 2 years for the I ride campaign at many community events, including the NE Sunday Parkways, Fiets of Parenthood, and the Alberta Street Fair. Check out our “I ride” gallery on our Flickr page.



Check out the I ride videos:
English version.
Spanish version.

If you have any questions about the “I ride” campaign, please contact Melinda.