Below is information about our all-season Cycling Center staff.


Arlyn Bement, Retail Manager, New Inventory Coordinator
As the New Inventory Coordinator, Arlyn is responsible for ordering all retail, new bicycle parts, tools, and gadgets and helps make our customer’s bicycles look exceptional. He loves working here because “the job isn’t about selling bicycles, it’s about making sure everyone has access to bicycles.  It’s not about moving product, it’s about trying to give every part a chance to be used again.” Before joining the Community Cycling Center in 2015, Arlyn worked at several bike shops, including Velotech and Universal Cycles in Portland and Capitol Hill Bikes in Washington DC. Outside of work, Arlyn enjoys bike polo, going for bike rides with his wife, trying to keep up with his dog while on a bike, and anything that keeps him from stripping paint and sanding woodwork in his house.


Chris Broderdorp, Bicycle Mechanic
Chris joined the Cycling Center staff in March 2015. Before joining the team, he worked at numerous other shops in cities across all the lands. When Chris is not in the shop, you may see him on the streets of Portland capturing this town and its people using film photography. His favorite bike part color is purple anodized.


JR on bike tour

JR Browy, Bicycle Mechanic
JR joined the Community Cycling Center team in 2017 as a mechanic and quickly took up the torch as the Holiday Bike Drive production coordinator. They didn’t know a lick about bike mechanics until they started volunteering at a non-profit bike co-op in Santa Cruz, CA in 2009. Once they discovered that cycling could help form the best Venn diagram of their favorite hobbies and pastimes (travel, photography, nature, and getting rad), it was all downhill from there.



Andrea Chiotti, Education Coordinator
(She/Her; They/Their)
The Community Cycling Center hired Andrea in June 2011, but she was part of our training and apprenticeship program eons ago. Andrea is drawn to the Center for reusing, recycling, creating a space for folks to choose to do their own repairs, or have their repairs done for them, and a place of education and empowerment. She has worked at Free Ride Bicycle Project in Pittsburgh, PA; Northslope Organic Farm in NJ; and in theatre tech around Portland (among many other places too long to list). Andrea likes to read, dance, sing karoke, make food, bike ride, walk, go to protests, and laugh. She likes to bike sometimes up hill, sometimes downhill, sometimes a long way, sometimes a short way, sometimes with folks, sometimes alone, sometimes in the rain, and sometimes in the sun.



Jeff Cleary, Bicycle Mechanic
Jeff joined Community Cycling Center as a mechanic in September 2016. He moved here from Denver Colorado where he helped launch Denver Bike Sharing in 2010 and worked as a mechanic for 5 years before being drawn to the Pacific Northwest. Jeff loves restoring and putting older bikes back on the road and making bikes available for people of all walks of life. When he’s not wrenching on bicycles, you can find him in Alberta park playing hardcourt bike polo. He also enjoys traveling, campouts,waterfall hikes and eating all the delicious vegan and vegetarian food all around Portland.


Hanna Davis

Hanna Davis, Volunteer & Events Manager
Hanna joined the team at the beginning of 2017. She comes to us with a background in volunteer coordination and environmental education with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council and Portland State’s Student Sustainability Center. Hanna seeks to build meaningful and productive volunteer relationships and is a logistics wizard when it comes to events. She loves performing and watching improv theater and impromptu heart-to-heart conversations. Hanna likes easy-paced bicycle touring and has been known to take her cat, Primrose, to the vet by bicycle.



Ira Dixon, Program Manager
Ira Dixon recently moved to Portland from Minneapolis, MN where he worked in the non-profit sector for 10 years. He is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation (Diné). Prior to joining Community Cycling Center, he was the Live It! Program Coordinator at Division of Indian Work, but he also spent a lot of time working with other non-profits as a consultant. Ira provides oversight for Community Cycling Center’s programs in our partner communities, including adult and youth Earn-a-Bike programs, Bike Repair Hub trainings, and STEM education in local high schools. Ira’s favorite thing about working for Community Cycling Center so far is everybody wants the same thing: for all people to have access to bikes. Ira sees how this organization is working to meet the needs of the whole cycling community. From offering the best in quality parts and workmanship in the shop, to delivering awesome programs that introduce and encourage cycling to families and neighborhoods in Portland. Ira enjoys being outdoors in general, but his favorite sport to play is traditional stick lacrosse. He likes to ride his bike down by the waterfront while enjoying all of the sights and sounds.


Kristie Focht profile photo

Kristie Focht, Bookkeeper
Kristie’s prior experience includes 20 years with Eagle Creek Travel Gear in both Finance and IT. She is also the Volunteer Treasurer with Tryon Creek Watershed Council, and a member of the Admin Committee for Urban Nature Partners PDX, both local nonprofit agencies committed to environment and youth, respectively.



Kelley Goodwin, Assistant Camp Manager
Kelley joined the Community Cycling Center in 2011 as a volunteer camp instructor and fell in love with the bike camp program. Since then, she’s been involved with Holiday Bike Drives, Create a Commuter workshops, and finally as a paid Bike Camp instructor in 2014. She returns this time as an Assistant Camp Manager to help run the Bike Camp program. Kelley enjoys sharing her enthusiasm about bikes with the kids by taking them up Mt Tabor, across the Columbia to Fort Vancouver, and through the unimproved roadways of North Portland. Outside of work, she likes to run, make noodles from scratch, go backpacking, and bike tour all over the Pacific Northwest.


Kasandra Griffin profile photo

Kasandra Griffin, Executive Director
Kasandra is a lifelong bike commuter who was thrilled to join the team at the Cycling Center in June of 2017. She most recently came from a position as Policy Manager for Food and School Health at Upstream Public Health, an organization focused on ending health inequities in Oregon. She previously served for eight years on the board and staff of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (now The Street Trust), including as Board Chair, Interim Executive Director, and Director of Finance and Development. She has an undergraduate degree in Linguistics from Reed, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from U.C. Berkeley.

She not-so-secretly believes that bikes can play a key role in solving many of America’s big problems: climate change, polluted air and water, high rents (from parking requirements!), urban sprawl, and health problems related to insufficient physical activity, to name a few. She is really excited to join an organization that is focused on using bikes in anti-oppression work, too!

Kasandra and her wife have a young son, six chickens, an abundant garden, and a fondness for long backpacking trips.



Shawn Hurley, Production Manager
Shawn is a Mechanic who came to us rather recently after a two-year stint as the Head Mech-anager at Portland Bicycle Studio. Before that, he was employed as the Director of Operation at Breakaway Bikes and Fitness in Philadelphia. Shawn set his sights on the Community Cycling Center after volunteering for the Holiday Bike Drive, where he learned about the core values of the organization. Upon recognizing himself in those values, he was hooked. Shawn’s favorite ride here in Portland is a midnight ride to Rocky Butte on a warm but windy night. Most of his free time is spent these days at Alberta Park playing bike polo.



Gwen Koon, General Manager (Shop)
Gwen joined the Community Cycling Center in November of 2012, bringing with her a wealth of experience, including 3 years at a non-profit shop and 8 years of volunteer experience at a community shop. Her favorite thing about working here is “knowing that every time I help a customer with their bicycle, I’m also raising money to fund our amazing programs.” Outside of work, Gwen enjoys naturescaping, listening to classic punk albums and fixing even more bikes.



Cole Lalomia, Bicycle Mechanic
Drawn by the moss and big trees, Cole found Portland to be home after moving from New Jersey. While studying Community Development at Portland State University he spent time working as a student mechanic and instructor at the PSU Bike Hub and leading the PSU Cycling Team. Cole rides bikes mostly because he hates walking. He is also pretty serious about not being too serious while racing bikes at a serious level of competition. He sees bikes as being the most convenient, quickest, and downright best way to get around and hopes that by making cycling more accessible he can share this view with everyone.


Jonnie Ling, Director of Programs and Enterprise
Jonnie Ling started as a seasonal mechanic four years ago and is now our Director of Programs and Enterprise. He manages the daily operations of our shop, while continuing to provide leadership in increasing organizational capacity and deepening our community connections. He worked at several different bike shops, and was a founding member of the Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative in Columbus, OH. Outside of work, he makes furniture and micro architecture. The furthest he’s ever ridden his bike is from here to San Francisco in a mere nine days.



Jim Milne, Bicycle Mechanic, Events Coordinator
Jim joined the Community Cycling Center as a volunteer in February 2010. We liked him so much, that we hired him as a mechanic in March 2011. When asked what his favorite thing about working here is, Jim shared, “I love how much my fellow employees care about our mission.” Jim’s outside hobbies are photography (he and a friend and are working on capturing a lot of Portland’s neon), and cooking. As an ex-chef, he loves to cook, especially outdoors. It’s true, Jim once won a dessert contest at a staff potluck.


Juanje Navarrete profile photo

Juanje Navarrete, ABC Coordinator
Hola! Juanje was born and raised in Chile. He will say out loud he’s Latino and proud. He came to the U.S. to do more school in search of new adventures.

Giving back to his community has always been a priority for him, as well as protecting our planet. He’s trying to do his best to keep his professional goals aligned with these two beliefs.

Juanje is a big outdoor sports fanatic! This has kept him in Oregon since 2010. He can’t get enough of the majestic Pacific Northwest. He is always down for long walks, uphill biking, climbing, and surfing. Talk to him about changing careers, travel around the world, the beauty of learning languages, and how to empower the next generation.


Tyler Pell, Retail Specialist
Tyler joined the Community Cycling Center as a Retail Specialist in 2015, and though his tenure has been brief, he’s quickly been able to assess his favorite parts of working in the shop, which include but are not limited to: a well-stocked retail area, the generosity of the Community Cycling Center’s many donors, and Carl Wilson. Before he worked at the shop Tyler managed the produce department at a natural foods store in Southern Oregon. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys playing ping pong and run-on sentences. His favorite bike ride is one that ends without raindrops on his glasses, though in the summer his ideal bike ride includes a quick stop at the river for a swim — which is kind of funny.


Alice Pennington, Bicycle Mechanic & Instructor
(She/Her; They/Their)
Alice Pennington has been a mechanic and maintenance class instructor here since the spring of 2008. She teaches maintenance classes, performs bicycle repairs, and processes donations. Before working with us, she honed her skills at Mountain View Cycles in Hood River, OR. Her favorite thing about working at the shop is the variety of people and bikes that come through. “It’s a privilege to be in the midst of the creative energy surrounding bikes in Portland,” she says. Outside of work she enjoys bike racing of all kinds. Her bicycling hero is her brother, Luke, who once completed a hilly 80 mile road race “wearing Vans slip-ons because he forgot his cycling shoes, totally epic.”



Jude Perez, Development Assistant
Jude joined the Community Cycling Center as the Development Assistant in 2016. Their daily workload looks like processing donations, opening up communication with our supporters and supporting our Development Managers. When they’re not at the CCC, they spend their time volunteering at Pixel Arts to teach kids how to design and program video games; and they are finishing up their BA at PSU. Jude loves eating burritos, talking about pop-culture, and taking long hikes with their pup.



Steph Routh, Communications & Marketing Manager 
Steph joined the Community Cycling Center in fall 2016. Her daily work involves content strategy, media relations, and digital and print storytelling media to share the mission of this incredible organization, which is a daily inspiration to her. Prior to joining the staff, Steph served as Content Manager at NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network, and Executive Director at Oregon Walks. She loves to move people by bike, record podcasts, and climb. She is married to her bicycle and an aunt of two.


Jake Schorr, Bike Camp Manager
Jake joined the Community Cycling Center as an instructor in the Summer of 2012. He now works on developing and running the Bike Camp program. He’s worked previously as a guide on outdoor trips, and as a field instructor at outdoor school. He gets a kick out of making art, baking bread, and crafting towering sandwiches. Jake’s favorite bike ride in town is along the Marine Drive bike path to have a swim and watch the planes take off.




Samantha L. Taylor, Development Manager
(She/Her; They/Their)
Samantha became part of the Cycling Center’s dynamic Development team in August 2016, and is thrilled to increase the efficacy and impact of our programs through donor support. She has previously worked with Sankofa Collective Northwest, Pride Foundation, and at Portland State University’s Queer Resource Center where she organized the annual Queer Students of Color Conference in 2015 and 2016. Samantha gravitated to the Cycling Center because of a passion for safe and accessible transportation alternatives for marginalized Portlanders. In June 2017, Samantha expanded their community leadership by joining the Q Center Board of Directors. When not at work, Samantha likes to crochet and tend house plants; drinking copious amounts of tea to get through the days; and consuming a fair amount of sci-fi to get through the nights. Samantha firmly believes that bike commuting and music are in an open relationship with bliss.


David Thammavongsa, Bicycle Mechanic
David Thammavongsa joined the Community Cycling Center in June 2015 because he was very excited that he could work on bikes while nourishing our community. He assesses, repairs, and refurbishes bicycles, assists customers, and supports the program team. He recently moved here from Fresno, CA where he worked at the Tower Velo bike shop. In college, David founded a bike club, gave talks, wrote articles, and managed free bike clinics on campus. When David isn’t in the shop, you can find him reading in cafes and drinking too much coffee.


Yashar Vasef profile photo

Yashar Vasef, Senior Development Manager
Yashar biked to his interview with the Community Cycling Center in the midst of June. He was a sweaty mess. He has no regrets. A young Yashar and his brother first found the usefulness of the bicycle by discovering the local comic book shop. In the years since, Yashar has used the bicycle to attend classes at the University of Iowa and to get to work at organizations such as the United Nations Association of Iowa, United for Iran, and Portland Story Theater. He strongly believes in the bike as a pathway toward a healthier, more environmentally friendly, and accessible Portland.


Lindy Walsh, Director of Finance and Administration
Lindy brings to the Community Cycling Center 30 years of experience in non-profit finance and administration. Lindy joined the Cycling Center “for the mission of the organization – to make bicycling accessible to everyone and because I have heard that the staff is amazing.” Prior to joining our team, Lindy worked at the Partnership for Safety and Justice and The River Network. Her outside interests include meditation, camping, riding the Leif Erickson trail, and hanging out with friends and family. She also volunteers with Family of Friends Mentoring Program.


Brock Warner, Bicycle Mechanic
Brock began working as a mechanic for the Community Cycling Center in August of 2015. Having just moved to Portland from Tucson, Arizona earlier that year, it didn’t take long for Brock to figure out he had to work for the Community Cycling Center. He especially loves seeing and working on all of the old bikes that come through the shop, and giving them another chance for life with another person. Brock’s bike career started at the small, dirty bike shop in his hometown in Indiana before he went on to work as a mechanic for REI for three years. Long before that, he spent time goofing off in the bike shop his parents owned for a few years when he was a kid. “Working on bikes has defined my adult life. It has given me something college couldn’t: purpose.” When he’s not fixing bikes, Brock enjoys time outdoors, playing video games, and trying to figure out what his next project will be. A mountain biker at heart, his favorite ride so far is on the singletrack of the LL Stub Stewart State Park.


Timothy Weeks, Used Inventory Coordinator
Tim began as a seasonal mechanic, bringing with him a wealth of experience. Prior to joining our staff he was a collective member at A Better Cycle in SE. His favorite thing about working in the shop is the people he’s surrounded by each day. Outside of work he enjoys playing bike polo, mountain biking, and building freak bikes. His favorite ride in Portland “only happens when it snows, and it can be anywhere I want to go.”


Carl Wilson, Bicycle Mechanic, Salvage Sunday
Carl Wilson has a very long history with the Community Cycling Center, having worked as a mechanic here since 2003. He does all kinds of mechanic work, like refurbishing bicycles for sale, booking repairs, and taking in donations, and he does a fantastic job at it. He enjoys getting paid to do what he loves – fixing bikes. Prior to joining our team, he worked in construction, telemarketing, and landscaping. Outside of work, he enjoys building bikes, fixing clocks, and watching movies. His favorite ride in Portland is Zoobomb, because it is fast, fun, and goes through beautiful Forest Park.

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