Here are the latest upcoming volunteer opportunities. For more information about volunteering, please contact us at volunteer@communitycyclingcenter.org or call (503) 288-8864, extension 325.


Every Tuesday night – Refurbish bikes for the Holiday Bike Drive. Do top-to-bottom assessments and all needed repairs on 12″ to 20″ kids’ bikes. Great for all skill levels — novice mechanics are guided by more experienced volunteers.

Every Sunday afternoon – Salvage and recycle busted bikes! After the weekly Salvage Sale, volunteers tear down remaining bikes to rescue usable parts and separate materials for recycling. Great for all skill levels.

Mechanic Monday – Have more mechanical experience than your average volunteer? Have you wrenched on many bikes in your day? Our Mechanic Monday team is responsible for maintaining our fleet of program bicycles. Contact us for more information: Volunteer@CommunityCyclingCenter.org.

Wheels – Contribute to our inventory! Help us refurbish donated wheel sets for sale in our shop. Volunteers with and without wheel truing experience are needed, especially those comfortable teaching the skill to new volunteers. Contact us for more information: Volunteer@CommunityCyclingCenter.org

Holiday Bike Drive 2017

Volunteer at the 22nd Holiday Bike Drive on Sunday, December 3rd!
There are two shifts for every position listed below:

  • Morning: 9am-1:30pm
  • Afternoon: 12:30pm-5pm

>> Sign up with our Holiday Bike Drive Volunteer Registration Form!

Interpreters (!) – Each year, we hear/see around 20-25 different languages spoken at the Holiday Bike Drive. The most common languages are the following: Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Arabic, Nepali, Swahili, Vietnamese, ASL, and Somali. Interpreter shifts are spread throughout the event with most of them stationed at registration, the bike safety hallway, Bike Buddies, and the family reception room. Language needs are based on event scheduling with some languages in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some all day.

Bike Buddy – As a Bike Buddy, your job will be to walk the kids and their families through the helmet fitting, bike selection, and final mechanical check parts of the event. It’s a good role for folks who really like working with kids and/or want to see what that first bike means to them. This is where we primarily engage interpreters.

Helmet Sizers and Fitters – These are actually two separate roles. The sizers help the kids find the rough helmet size (S, M, L, XL). The fitters then dial in the straps for a perfect fit. No prior experience necessary. There’s a 10-15 min training at the beginning of the shift. This is a great shift for groups.

Bike Safety Educators – Work with another volunteer to teach one of five key bike safety lessons. This role starts with a training to get you all the information you need. It’s best for avid cyclists and educators.

Bike Restocking – At the beginning of the event, we put out about 150 of the 400+ bikes. As kids select bikes of different sizes, the bike restocking team will keep the floor full of bikes. This is a good volunteer job for kids under 16 years old.

Bike Rodeo – After receiving safety education, a helmet and a bike, the kids get to take their new bike for a spin. The Bike Rodeo volunteers set up a fun and interactive course for the kids to ride on. This part of the event is outside, but under cover.

Family Reception Area – At the end of the event, children and their families are invited into the Family Reception Area, where they can have food and drink. The kids will also be engaged in an activity to draw and write thank you notes for their new bikes. Family Reception Area volunteers will organize the area and lead the activitiesThis role is great for those who love working with children.

Mechanics – As a skilled volunteer mechanic, you’ll perform the final safety check and bike adjustment for children, including raising and lowering handlebars and seats, removing or installing training wheels, and making sure that the bike is completely sound before the kid takes it for a ride. This role is reserved for certified volunteer mechanics and professional mechanics.


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