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3 reasons why Bike Camp 2014 is wheelie special

By Kelly Hansen, Program Manager Our Alberta Street neighbors have heard them cheering, east-siders have seen them exploring their streets, and Portlanders everywhere talk about them: the Community Cycling Centers’ Bike Campers. They are kids at day camp; the city is their campus, and their bikes are their tools for adventure. Every summer, kids flock […]

Create a Commuter at Hacienda’s Salon Comunal

By Lori Rodriguez, Volunteer A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Create a Commuter workshop held at Hacienda’s Salon Comunal, or Community Center, in Northeast Portland. For those who aren’t familiar with the program (I wasn’t until I volunteered for it!), Create a Commuter identifies low-income adults in need of […]

18th annual Holiday Bike Drive is a success thanks to our volunteers

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Last Sunday, over 375 children and their families convened at Legacy Emanuel’s beautiful and surprisingly sun-filled atrium to earn bicycles, helmets, and safety education. The Holiday Bike Drive is the culmination of a year of work by more than 500 volunteers who dedicate over 5,000 hours to clean […]

Harvey Scott’s Bike Club meets Velo Cult and ABC

By Theo Roffe, Bike Club Instructor Harvey Scott’s Bike Club has come to an end and our graduates have earned their bikes. Before they went home, we asked them what they learned during their six weeks of Bike Club.  Here are some of their answers: “Learned how to check the bike.” (Ben and Josue) “How […]

13 new riders graduate from Rosa Parks Bike Club

By Theo Roffe, Instructor Rosa Parks Bike Club has come to an end and we’re proud to announce 13 graduates! Each graduate received a certificate, lights (it gets dark early during the school year and our participants want to be as visible as they can be riding home from school in lower light conditions), and […]

Meet Ayzha from Rosa Parks Elementary School’s Bike Club

This month, we’re excited to feature a Bike Club participant from Rosa Parks Elementary School. Rosa Parks is a new partnership for the Community Cycling Center, and we could not be more excited to work with them. The school is located directly across the street from New Columbia’s Bike Repair Hub and Skills Park, allowing […]

How neighbors help sustain bike ridership

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager “I especially enjoyed meeting Neda. She’s from Iraq,” remarked Doug, a We All Can Ride member. “I think it’s marvelous that we can have all of this diversity here. It’s one of the great wonders and joys of living in New Columbia.” Last Friday, four members of We […]

Our newest social venture

By Jonnie Ling, Director of Operations “What’s your favorite program at the Community Cycling Center?” I’m often asked in interviews and conversations alike. Our community collaborations with New Columbia and Hacienda usually take the #1 spot, but I may soon have a new favorite. Late in 2012, I was asked to lead a truly innovative […]

Bike Club is back! Meet Nur, a former Bike Club participant

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This fall, Bike Club is back. This after-school, bike safety education and earn-a-bike program for 9-12 year olds will return to Harvey Scott School next week. We’re also extremely excited to offer our very first Bike Club at Rosa Parks Elementary School this season. Rosa Parks is located […]