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Cycling Center Celebrates 15 years of Carl Wilson!

There has been a lot of change at the Cycling Center in the past 15 years. The one constant? Long-time mechanic Carl Wilson. On Sunday, May 27, Carl — who started at the Cycling Center on that date in 2003 — was surprised by a host of current and former CCC employees (who were all […]

Buy a Bike, Get 10% Off New Accessories!

Photo of new accessories on bike

Just in time for springtime riding, we are offering 10% off of all new retail accessories with the purchase of a bicycle at our shop! When you buy a new–or new-to-you–bicycle, you can stock up on a new helmet, lock, lights, and racks, to name a few items. And we all know that a bike […]

Why Gateway Green Matters

Bike Camp at Gateway Green

If you have been to our bike shop on 17th and NE Alberta St., you may have seen Cole Lalomia behind the counter. Like many of the Cycling Center’s bike mechanics, Cole is not only adept at fixing bikes, but also volunteers in the community to make it a more welcoming place. Cole is a […]

Save $100 on Your Bike Overhaul

$100 off a bike overhaul

By Steph Routh, Communications & Marketing Manager This January and February, we’ll take $100 off the cost of a standard bike overhaul. It’s a great deal at a good time. Why? You may have noticed that it’s pretty chilly out there this week. I don’t know about you, but my garage has been downright cold. […]

Bike Maintenance Classes are Back, Starting Thursday!

By Jake Schorr Did you ride hard all summer? Is it time to give your bike some love? Give you and your bike a treat by learning to do repairs on it yourself! The rainy season is here, and with it returns our Bike Maintenance classes taught by our team of skilled mechanics. The first […]

NEW Bikes in Store!

By Qingyang Xie, Communications Intern We’re very excited to announce that for the very first time, the Community Cycling Center is carrying new bikes in our bike shop! We proudly serve our community with a wide selection of affordable used bicycles, but the sizes and models of these bikes hinge on the availability of bike […]

Shop Tip: Top tools to own for DIY at-home bike maintenance

By Jackie Mautner, Bicycle Mechanic So you’ve got a tool bag you bring with you for roadside repair, but what about when you’re home on a rainy day and itching to replace your badly worn tires, or fix that sticky headset? Here are a few tools that are sure to make working on your bike […]

Product Review: Brooks Cambium Saddle

By Tim Weeks , Bike Mechanic  The following is a great first-hand review of the new Brooks Cambium saddle from our senior mechanic Tim Weeks. But before you run out and try one for yourself, remember that butts come in all shapes and sizes and not every bicycle saddle will agree with everyone’s rear end. If you wish […]

Save $100 on Overhaul Special

$100 off a bike overhaul

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Your bike powered through the typical elements familiar to Portlanders: snow, rain, mud, and the dreaded wintry mix.  Your ride could probably use some love. We want to make it easy for you. This January and February, we’ll take $100 off the cost of a standard overhaul. We’ll put the […]

Save 25% with gift packs at Community Cycling Center!

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This winter, get bike-friendly gifts for the bicycle lovers in your life at the Community Cycling Center. We’re offering three types of gift packs – Commuter, DIY, and Kids. Each category has dozens of items to choose from. Shop from now through December 31st and save big! How does it work? Pick 5 […]