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News Release: Take Back the Streets Anti-Violence Movement Rolls Forward

Bike ride and event will address recent shootings August 6, 2014 – Portland, Ore. – In response to the recent shootings in Portland, community activists Jason Washington, of Brothers Gaining Equality Through Excellence, and DeMarcus Preston, a former gang member, decided to gather a group of people for a bike ride to “take back the […]

Reflections from The National Bike Summit

By Mychal Tetteh, CEO The 2014 National Bike Summit held in Washington DC was a chance to join forces with bike advocates from all over the country. It was a mix of capacity building and good old fashioned lobbying with a little bit of fun sprinkled in. This was my first time at the National […]

Who makes up “car-free” households?

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager New Republic reports what we’ve been hearing for a while now, millennials (those born after 1981) are increasingly abandoning cars for bikes, public transit, and car-share opportunities. When you zoom out and look at the nation’s zero-vehicle households as a whole, the picture is a good reminder that […]

An update on Avenues to Advocacy

By Mychal Tetteh, CEO It’s amazing what happens when we ask: why not? When I shared the challenges that active transportation advocates face, it was surprising how common the obstacles were. When and where to show up, who and how to ask, and what to ask for? Digging deeper, we found disparate information sources and […]

ABC and Verde identify barriers to accessing Cully Park

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Last Tuesday, members of Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC), a resident-led bike committee at Hacienda CDC, welcomed new members with a party. The event was equal parts potluck, advocacy, and basic bike maintenance.  ABC connected with leaders from the local, environmental wealth group, Verde, who were interested […]

Avenues to Advocacy – lessons learned from my first 50 days

By Mychal Tetteh, CEO In my first 50 days as the CEO of the Community Cycling Center, I’ve met all types of passionate and dedicated people in our active transportation ecosystem. One common theme has emerged: the infrastructure that we have in place to support active transportation advocates isn’t working as well as it should. […]

Portland is Platinum

Congratulations, Portland! We did it! We are the first large city in the United States to receive the Platinum designation as a Bicycle Friendly Co…