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Bike Camp —an insider’s look at Girl Cruisers Camp

By Qingyang Xie, Communications Intern When it’s Bike Camp time in the summer, the mornings at our bike shop become quite busy. Kids flock to the back of our shop, eagerly looking for their new-found camp friends and decorating their camp “Pedal Passes” with sharpies and stamps. I was lucky enough to shadow the Girl […]

NEW Bikes in Store!

By Qingyang Xie, Communications Intern We’re very excited to announce that for the very first time, the Community Cycling Center is carrying new bikes in our bike shop! We proudly serve our community with a wide selection of affordable used bicycles, but the sizes and models of these bikes hinge on the availability of bike […]

A day in the life at the Bike Repair Hub

By Qingyang Xie, Communications Intern “Tim, can you come over? I can’t unscrew this part! Tim?” Royal, a third-grader, shouted out eagerly to one of our two bike mechanics, Tim and Carl, who run the New Columbia Bike Repair Hub on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. It was an extra busy Wednesday with limited volunteer support. […]