Please make sure that you have all of the following information before attempting to register a child for the 2019 Holiday Bike Drive:

  • Child’s name
  • Parent/Guardian’s name (the one that will be accompanying the child to the event)
  • Child’s birth date
  • Child’s height, in inches
  • Ethnicity (only tracked for grant writing around this program)
  • Child’s primary language at home (so we may try and find a suitable interpreter if needed)

These things are required information for each and every registration, so we can do our absolute best to make sure each child receives a bicycle that will fit them properly and that the experience of attending the Holiday Bike Drive will be a safe environment.

Please use one of the following registration links:

For children between 30 and 35 inches tall 

For children between 36 and 43 inches tall

For children between 44 and 56 inches tall

If the appropriate size range for the child you are trying to register is no longer a link to a page that size is full, please register them using the waitlist here, we will do our best to clear children off of the waitlist if additional bicycles become available.



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