NEW Bikes in Store!

By Qingyang Xie, Communications Intern

We’re very excited to announce that for the very first time, the Community Cycling Center is carrying two brands of NEW bikes in our bike shop! We proudly serve our community with a wide selection of affordable used bicycles, but the sizes and models of these bikes hinge on the availability of bike donations. Sometimes we have to turn away customers who can’t find a bike that suits their needs. In order to fill in the gaps between the sizes and models of our used bikes, we decided to carry new bikes from Detroit Bikes and Biria to accommodate people with different needs. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at the new bikes!


Detroit Bikes


The A-Type


The B-Type

A-Type: black
B-Type: white and mint

Detroit Bikes are one of the few brands with bikes made in the US. In fact, less than half of 1% of the bikes sold in the US are made here in America. At Community Cycling Center, we try our best to support our local communities and local business. Detroit Bikes share our mission of supporting economic development in local communities while continuing the manufacturing and design legacy of Detroit. Their bikes are hand built in their factory in west Detroit, contributing to the booming bike scene in an industrial city transitioning from Motor City to Bike City.

The minimalist aesthetic of Detroit Bikes exudes industrial chic, while the practical design of a light yet strong frame and larger wheels provide a smoother and faster riding experience. Detroit Bikes have three speeds and come equipped with fenders, rack, and braze-ons for customization.

We currently have two types of Detroit Bikes available in our shop: the A-Type and the B-Type. The A-Type bike features a rich black matte finish while the B-Type offers glossy finish and a step-through frame. Detroit Bikes are perfect for everyday commuting in the city.

To learn more about the Detroit Bikes story, watch this video:

Biria Easy Boarding Easy 7

021 jpeg

Colors: blue, white and black

The Biria Easy Boarding Easy 7 bicycle is a commuter city bike designed specifically to accommodate people with various ranges of mobility. With the super low step-through frame design, you can easily get on and off while on the road. The bike is built with sturdy aluminum frame tubing and offers seven speeds that accommodate different road types. The Biria bicycle offers an easy and comfortable riding experience anywhere from the park, the beach, to everyday commuting in the city.

Stop by our bike shop at 1700 NE Alberta Street and take our new bikes for a ride! Or visit our Bikes for Sale page to check out more photos of our new and used bikes and frames.


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