Holiday Bike Drive Volunteers

Holiday Bike Drive 2012This year 300 kids will leave our 19th annual Holiday Bike Drive with bikes, helmets and safety education! It’s exciting stuff and we need your help. The event takes place the first weekend of December.

We enlist the support of over 250 volunteers to fit helmets, lead basic safety education lessons and walk participants through the event to pick out their very own bicycle. All volunteer positions include training and plenty of warm-fuzzies as we work together to deliver hundreds of bicycles to their new owners.

In addition to your yearly fix of adorable kids on bikes, volunteering at Holiday Bike Drive comes with breakfast or a catered lunch with food provided by local favorites!

If you would like to volunteer for any of the positions outlined below, please email We will follow up with more information about the event. Thank you for your interest!

Volunteer Positions available (Updated on November 20th)

Language Interpreter

Holiday Bike Drive is a wonderful experience, help us make sure everyone gets the most of it, starting by removing language barriers. We have an urgent need for volunteer interpreters to broaden understanding of our safety education lessons, helmet fitting, and basic riding skills for non-English speaking kids and adults. You will also help translate general event directions or lead children through the event. If you speak Ukrainian or Russian, Somali, Nepali or Spanish fluently please consider volunteering as in interpreter.

Biggest Interpreter needs: 1 Vietnamese speaker, 2 Somali speakers

Bike Safety Educators

Work with a team of people to lead and reinforce basic safety education lessons for kids! This is dynamic role for folks who love talking about safe bike practices, or simply love teaching.  This role has a training immediately preceding the shift. Spots Available: 4 afternoon volunteers

Rodeo wranglers

In our bike safety rodeo, wrangler volunteers reinforce safety lessons that kids learned earlier at the event. This shift is fast-paced and filled with funny moments as kids ride their newly chosen bikes for the very first time. This role is outside,and it’s December, so bring your jacket and we’ll bring the hot tea!  Spots available: 2 morning, 3 afternoon

Bike Runner

This role makes sure that there are enough bikes present to offer all children have to chance to pick out their most ideal bike. You work closely with a handful of volunteers to identify size gaps, and run bikes from our overflow hallway into the main event. Spots available: 5 morning

Family Reception Room

This room is the last stop of the event for all adults and children participating. It’s a space to reflect about their time in the event and share stories about what they hope to do on their bikes and what a bike means for then and their family. Volunteers in this area help wrangle excited children, lead craft and drawing projects and provide event participants with one last bit of fun before leaving the event. Spots available: 2 morning,  2 afternoon

Helmet Fitter

As a part of a 15-person team, you will be trained to perfectly fit a helmet to a very excited child. Come prepared for a brief helmet fitting 101 and a chance to meet Legacy Emanuel’s helmet guru, Mike Morrison, who’s with Trauma Nurses Talk Tough has donated all Holiday Bike Drive helmets this year. Spots available: 3 afternoon

If you are not signed up for the Holiday Bike Drive but still would like to get involved with our Volunteer Program, please click here to learn more about upcoming orientations.

Photo by Greg Lee.