Bike Clubs

James John Fall Bike ClubOur Bike Clubs are earn-a-bike, after-school programs where kidsĀ from families living on low incomes learn safe riding skills, basic bike maintenance, and have the chance to build their confidence on two wheels. By working hard throughout the course of the program, participants earn their own refurbished bicycle, new lock, tire levers, patch kit, and helmet to take home.

Why is the program so successful?

Many of the kids we work with do not have access to safe bicycles and cannot afford to get their bicycles repaired. Through our program, participants learn to identify problems with their bikes and to perform minor repairs on their own. Program participants share their knowledge by showing their friends, neighbors and relatives what they’ve learned and by assisting their peers with bike repair. Our programs have set the standard for teaching bike safety and maintenance to youth. Over 90% of participants successfully complete the program. This success stems from the experiential nature of the program. Bike Club participants learn mechanical skills, teamwork, problem solving, and responsibility. Participants go on group rides through their neighborhoods, expanding their view of the community they belong to while getting the exercise they need in order to be healthy students.

Who can participate?

Currently, our Bike Clubs are focused in schools located in the neighborhoods surrounding our two partner communities at New Columbia and Hacienda CDC. We are seeking more funding to provide additional Bike Clubs in the future.
James John Fall Bike Club

How can I get involved?

Donate a bike!

All of the bikes earned by program participants are donated by community members and refurbished by our mechanics.


We need dedicated program volunteers to assist our program leaders.

Program partners

Harvey Scott Elementary Bike ClubOur school partners provide bike storage and classroom space, enroll the students with the greatest need and enthusiasm for the program, and provide a volunteer assistant who helps lead the program and enforces school rules.

“Community Cycling Center is such a big asset in the community–helping kids to develop into strong, successful adults.” – Tom Ralley, Bike Club volunteer assistant

“I really liked riding my bike and learning how to take care of it. My favorite part, however, was getting and choosing my bike.” - Bike Club participant

Please contact Community Collaborations Manager, Lale Santelices, with questions at 503.288.8864 or