Olivia Abbott, Bike Camp Instructor
Olivia originally hails from Northeast Portland but now attends school at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. Before this role, she worked as a coach for Skyhawks Sports Academy and for multiple volunteer organizations, including serving as a group leader for BikeFirst during the summer. She loves riding around the neighborhood, along the river downtown, and along the Columbia.

Rachel Casselman, Bike Camp Instructor
When not exploring the streets and parks of Portland with Bike Camp, Rachel is finishing a graduate program at U of O focusing on Russian politics. They are starting a new program in Seattle in the fall. Rachel is excited about biking all over Portland and hanging out with instructors and campers. And popsicles.

Michael Clark, Bike Camp Instructor
For the last three years, Mike has worked as a bike safety instructor for The Street Trust (formerly known as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Before that, he was a fairly active/involved stay-at-home dad, and before that he worked as a chef. Mike has always loved to mountain bike, so in his free time he can usually be found riding in the woods.

Trevor Coulter, Bike Camp Instructor
Trevor is a rock climber, cyclist, full time student, spikeballer, and proud father to a beautiful milk snake named Betsy. He is originally from El Cajon, CA, and moved up to Portland in 2014 to start school at UP. Trevor worked at the Community Cycling Center last summer as a camp instructor, and since 2015 he has worked at the Saturday Market which will continue throughout this summer, as well.

Katie Dvorsky, Bike Camp Instructor
Katie has worked with youth for many years and in many roles, including basketball coach, care provider, and mentor and music instructor for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp for Girls. She grew up in Connecticut, went to college in Massachusetts, and after graduating in 2012 moved to Portland for an AmeriCorps position in a middle school SUN program. She has spent this past school year as the Camp Fire 6th Grade Site Manager at George Middle School, where she worked with the Cycling Center to provide a weekly Bike Club for students.

Kevin Dugan, Bike Camp Instructor
Kevin grew up in a small town in Oregon and moved to Portland in 2008 after college. He started riding bikes when he was two years old and spent a good chunk of his youth riding around town. Before this, he worked for a non-profit to empower students, teachers, and school employees to make improvements to their work and improve quality of education to schools and colleges in Oregon.

Graciela Ferderer, Bike Camp Instructor
Originally from Minneapolis, Graciela moved to Portland three years ago to attend Lewis and Clark College where she is now majoring in Biology. Prior to this, she worked as a research assistant where she learned a lot about genetic mutations and sorting fruit flies by the patterns of the hair on their wings. Her favorite places to ride are along the Springwater Corridor Trail and down the River View Cemetery hill.

Becky Morton, Camp Supervisor
Becky was born in Oregon and enjoys a lifelong love of casual bike riding. She is an educator during the school year. Becky loves to ride across bridges and overlook the Rose City Golf Course at sunrise on her way to work. She is excited to be coming back for her third year at Bike Camp! She loves the awesome staff, the rides to parks, and the popsicles.

Flora Richey, Bike Camp Instructor
Flora was born in Costa Rica, raised in Boulder, Colorado, and is currently a student at Carleton College. She has worked with bike advocacy organizations in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado and, most recently, here in Portland. This past year, while taking the year off from school, she worked with the Cycling Center through the Bike Mechanics STEM class at Helensview High School and as a Bike Club Instructor at George Middle School. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, ultimate frisbee, gardening, experimenting with different pancake recipes and, of course, riding her bike.

Lily Ash Sakula, Lead Instructor
Lily is from London and loves riding bikes and bright neon colours. Also drawing and eating. They love singing Beyoncé on their bike.

Isabelle Sichel, Bike Camp Instructor
Isabelle is from Portland. She attends college at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. She believes that cycling is a great mode of transportation and leads to an active lifestyle. In her free time, she likes to snowboard, rock climb, and do outdoorsy things.

Zach Simon, Lead Instructor
Originally from Redmond, Washington, Zach recently graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Sociology-Anthropology. He is also interested in poetry and education. Zach’s favorite place to bike is the San Juan Islands, though he also loves flying down the Riverview Cemetery and riding over the Sellwood Bridge. He is most excited to discover new parks, play capture the flag, and bike down Mt. Tabor with campers this summer.

Christopher Strub, Bike Camp Instructor
Chris grew up in Eugene, OR. He has done a lot of mechanical work—either building maintenance, home renovations, or bike mechanics. He loves riding up hills in wooded areas, in Hendrix Park in Eugene, Mt Tabor in Portland, or the famed Crater lake.

Thomas Van Hevelingen, Bike Camp Instructor
Thomas is coming to the Cycling Center from a fisheries biologist role and trying to transition into community outreach and development. When not biking around with campers, Thomas can be found playing ultimate frisbee.

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