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Product Review: Topeak Morph Pumps

By David Kurushima, Retail Manager It’s prime touring season, the perfect time to head out on two wheels for a long trip. Whether you are making a day-trip to the Gorge or riding cross country with the kitchen sink, you are probably going to find yourself far from a bike a shop and in need […]

Shop tip: helmets – style and fit

Patrick Loftus; Service Manager This month’s shop tip will cover different styles of helmets, how to properly fit your helmet, and accessories that go well with helmets. General notes on bike helmets: All bike helmets meet the same minimum federal safety standards.  They will deteriorate over time due to UV and sweat exposure. It’s good […]

Local bag bonanza – buy a bag and receive a stainless coffee mug

  By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist We have stuffed our bike shop to the gills with locally made bags in preparation for your summer bike adventures! During the month of June, buy any North St. or Black Star bag and we’ll give you FREE Community Cycling Center stainless commuter coffee mug. We’re really excited […]

Reviews of the PDW Radbot™ 1000

By Gwen Koon, Service Mechanic The Radbot™ 1000 has absolutely knocked my socks off for one simple reason: in the two months I’ve had it, the Radbot has yet to spontaneously turn itself on while floating around in my messenger bag. This is huge, folks!  And, unlike most of its competition, the Radbot’s light continues to operate at […]

Bicycles are a tool for empowerment in the classroom

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist Jon Erickson is doing something incredible with bicycles. As a middle school teacher at Metro Montessori, he is using bikes to teach math and science to his students, helping them run their own business and become a mobile classroom. Jon heard about the Community Cycling Center through friends when […]

Bike local, shop local, support local

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist For the month of May, our bike shop is highlighting locally owned cycling sundry companies and locally made bicycle products! Check out our new bags from North St. and Black Star and our new line-up of lights by Portland Design Works. Also, stop by to see our regular selections of […]

Shop tip: locking your bike

By Patrick Loftus, Service Manager Properly locking your bike is the best way to keep it for a long time. Quality bike locks can be expensive, but they last for years and are much cheaper than buying a new bike. I recommend locking your bike at home, even if it is parked in a locked […]

Why you should play with adult Legos and build your own bike

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist You don’t need to know how to build a bike to build a bike. If you want to learn, Gram Shipley, our Used Inventory Coordinator and resident bike-building expert, believes in you. As Gram says, “It’s not rocket science. It’s only wrenches and there’s a lot of free info. […]

Build a bike and save 20%!

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist We have a lot of great bikes for sale. We have refurbished bikes that are all fixed up and ready to go. We have as-is bikes that need a little love to be road-ready. But that is not all – we have hundreds of bike frames, and thousands of […]

Product review: BLAQ Reflective Sticker Kit

By David Kurushima, Retail Manager As with almost any product review, this one is not for every rider and certainly not every bike, but hear me out—reflective stickers, locally made reflective stickers from BLAQ, are worth your consideration. Now I know many of you wince at the thought of adhering anything to your beautiful carbon steed, […]