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Product Review: Cygolite Metro 550

By David Kurushima, Retail Manager There are many things you can learn about the nature and habits of Portland cyclists simply by looking at what they are buying throughout the year. One thing that has stood out to me at our shop in recent years is that, along with fenders (for obvious reasons), higher-end lights […]

Winter Riding Shop-Tip Medley

By Forrest Scott, Service Supervisor Hello Everyone! The first day of fall is just about a week away! Last Thursday’s blustery weather reminded me that it’s time to adjust my bike commuting practice to suite the changing season. And, given that it’s almost fall, we know that: Below is a collection of relevant shop tips […]

Serotta ‘CPI’ track bike frame – Autographed by Ben Serotta

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Sometimes we truly receive some unique gems donated to our bike shop. Right now, we have a super sweet, custom-built Serotta ‘CPI’ track bike frame autographed by Ben Serotta. Here’s the details: 54cm custom-built Serotta ‘CPI’ track bike in amazing condition. Autographed by Ben Serotta on 3/9/98. Actually […]

Product review: Jandd Frame Pac

By David Kurushima, Retail Manager Do your summer plans include a day ride on your road bike or shredding some trails on your mountain bike? How about a fully-loaded tour or a casual trip across town with nothing but your lock and keys? Well, consider this humble gem of convenience: the Frame Pac(k) by Jandd […]

Shop tip: The exciting world of disc brake maintenance

By Forrest Scott, Mechanic This month’s shop tip covers pad replacement and adjustment for mechanical disc brakes. Since the Avid BB7 model is increasingly common as stock equipment for commuting bikes, I chose to focus on this particular model for this month’s tip. Much of the information below is relevant to other mechanical brake models. […]

Shop tip: fun rides in Portland

By Patrick Loftus, Service Manager For what will be my final shop tip, we’re going to step outside the bike shop and talk about sweet places to ride in Portland. These are just a few of my favorite under two hour rides I like to squeeze in before or after work. They’re all pretty mellow […]

Support local and receive a Community Cycling Center water bottle or bell

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager For the month of May, our bike shop is highlighting locally-owned  companies! Check out our new selection of backpacks and messenger bags from North St., Black Star, and BLAQ. We now carry USB rechargeable lights, The Aether Demon™, from  Portland Design Works. Also, stop by to see our […]

Product review: Skadokeys!

By David Kurushima, Retail Manager Here at our shop, some of our most cherished bike parts are the cheap accessories that get salvaged from inexpensive kids’ bikes. Why? Because kids get all the sweet stuff—sparkly brake housing, frame pads that say “Terror of Demon Storm,” miniature handle-bar mounted bikes for your Barbie and, of course, […]

Shop Tip: emergency roadside repairs

By Patrick Loftus, Service Manager A while back we covered what tools are good to carry with you on your commute. This month we’ll talk about some tips and tricks for repairs when you don’t have the tools. All of the repair tips mentioned below are temporary, emergency only, and in some cases, barely better […]

Retail Product Reviews: WTB Saddles

By David Kurushima, Retail Manager At the Community Cycling Center, we are all about removing barriers to bicycling—whether it be providing access to affordable bikes and cycling education, or working to remove any of the innumerable cultural, economic or physical barriers that impede one’s ability to enjoy this active and healthful mode of transportation. Here […]